Watching a Live Cricket In SopCast Player

What's SopCast?

Sopcast is direct streaming broadcasting P2P (peer to Peer) Client. Very simple and easy to install on your computer and and watch Any live shows, Movies, Radio, Live Sports and etc...

Things you need To watch Live Cricket Stream Via Sopcast Player.

1) You must Install SopCast Plugin in your computer Download Here

2) You need later Window Media player (google it to download latest player)

after you install Sopcast plugin successfully in your computer. go to site which has embedded sopcast player. and you should be able to see the player.

How do I know my System is ready:

  1. Open the Site which has sopcast stream embed in it.
  2. You should be able to see a Player like window with Sopcast logo.
  3. The status bar of sopcast should either say connecting, stopped, Channel offline, No peers to Connect, Cannot retrieve data.

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